General Rules for Taking the Exams

Candidates are advised to plan on arriving at the testing center approximately 30 minutes prior to their testing appointment in order to allow sufficient time for the check in process. The check in process includes security measures such as photographing, fingerprinting, and obtaining an electronic signature from each candidate. Candidates will not be permitted to enter the testing area 30 minutes following the starting time for their testing appointment.

The check in process requires candidates to provide two forms of identification that match the name on file with the BACB. The primary identification must include both a photo and signature of the candidate. The secondary identification may include just a signature. Both forms of identification must exactly match the name on the application submitted to the BACB. Discrepancies, such as using a middle or married name instead of a legal name, will prevent admission to the exam.

No cameras, tape recorders, radios, telephones, beepers or electronic transmitting devices, notes or reference materials, books, briefcases, backpacks, portfolios, purses, etc. may be taken into the testing area. Personal items may be stored in lockers available at all test centers.

Scratch paper, calculators, rulers, frequency finders, textbooks, reference materials and notes are NOT permitted in the testing area and you are not allowed to remove any exam materials from the administration room. A dry-erase board will be provided at each workstation.

Earplugs are available upon request at all testing centers. Some testing centers also provide noise-canceling headphones upon request.

No food or beverage items are permitted in the testing area.

No visitors are permitted in the testing center.

Candidates leaving the testing area to use the restroom will be fingerprinted when they leave and again before they re-enter the testing room. During breaks, candidates are prohibited from accessing cell phones, electronic devices, notes, etc., stored in lockers. Candidates are permitted to access food, drink, or medication during breaks.

Smoking areas are not provided.

No questions concerning content of the exam may be asked during the testing period. The candidate should listen carefully to the instructions given by the testing center staff and should read all directions carefully.