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If the FAQ or Standards leave you with questions, feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns. Please note that staff are strictly prohibited from commenting on actual or potential disciplinary matters. If you have a disciplinary related question or complaint, it must be submitted in writing. Thank you.  

Applications to sit for the examination, both initial applications and retake applications applications@bacb.com
Inquiries about renewal and recertification applications gateway@bacb.com
Inquiries about maintaining certification maintenance@bacb.com
Inquiries about Approved Continuing Education for maintaining certification ACE@bacb.com
Inquiries from University Faculty Members about Approved Course Sequences ACS@bacb.com
Confirmation of an individual's certification status verifications@bacb.com
Inquiries regarding complaints, rules of conduct, disciplinary matters and other legal matters bacblegal@bacb.com
General questions info@bacb.com
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Questions about the RBT credential


The BACB is confident that the system of targeted emails for specific inquiries will allow us to better respond to you. We kindly ask that you allow a day or two for your inquiry to be addressed. If you do not receive a response in a timely manner please contact ira@bacb.com. You may contact us by phone as well. To view the terms of use for the BACB certificant registry, click here.

Customer support staff are available to answer your questions at 720-438-4321, (Monday to Friday) from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Mountain time
Our Fax number is 720-468-4145
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