These policies and procedures shall apply to appeals by candidates, credential-holders, authorized continuing education providers, and course sequence providers.  Any adverse eligibility, certification, or recertification decision including, but not limited to, a denial of an exam application, renewal application, recertification application, or other application submitted to the BACB may be appealed.  Exam conditions (such as lighting, noise, or other irregularities) may also be appealed.  BACB standards, deadlines, fees, exam content, specific test questions, and/or answers may not be appealed.

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How to Appeal

A written request for appeal must be filed within thirty (30) days of the date of the decision being appealed. To file an appeal, use the form on our Contact Us page and select “Administrative appeals” in the drop-down menu.

Note: Pearson VUE sites deliver BACB exams via a web browser. This means there may be Internet bandwidth variances. If candidates encounter bandwidth issues during their exams that they believe should invalidate their score, they must file an appeal within 7 days of the administration of their exam. Similarly, for other exam conditions that candidates believe should invalidate their score (e.g., lighting or noise), they also have 7 days from the date of their administration to notify the BACB of the appeal of their exam conditions.

The Appeals Process

Three current or former Directors shall serve on the Appeals Committee. Appeals may be by written correspondence or telephonic, at the discretion of the Appeals Committee. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final and may not be further appealed.