Angelika Anderson is a senior lecturer at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. She earned her PhD in Educational Psychology at the University of Auckland (New Zealand) in 2002. Her early work at the University of Auckland included evaluations of large scale programs and school-based innovations, but also the development and delivery of the curriculum for Resource Teachers Learning and Behaviour (RTLB); a new kind of professional charged with facilitating inclusive education in New Zealand. Today her research interests continue at the interface between developmental psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis and educational psychology. Her primary research interests are in developing and trialling efficient, often technology-based behavioural interventions, able to be implemented in low resource environments, targeting diverse populations, including adults with ASD and typically developing children in schools. In her work she also aims to promote evidence-based practice in psychology and education, by engaging with local stake-holders. She teaches and supervises psychology students enrolled in professional programs, and introduces them to Applied Behavior Analysis.