Applying for BACB Credentials

In order to obtain a BACB credential, an applicant must demonstrate that he or she has met all of the eligibility requirements and pass an exam. An applicant will only be allowed to take an exam after he or she has submitted a complete application fully documenting that all of the eligibility requirements have been met for the desired exam. Exam applications are available via BACB Gateway accounts.


All supporting documents must be sent in a single, complete submission. In other words, all documentation of degree, coursework, experience, faculty appointment, CVs, etc., for a particular application must arrive at the BACB offices in a single package. Incomplete submissions will incur a $50 fee for the cost of additional processing. Documents submitted to the BACB become the property of the BACB and will not be returned to the applicant. If an institution offers electronic official transcripts, those may be delivered directly to A copy of the transcript order confirmation must be included with the application package.

Information About Acceptable Interim Documentation


The BACB accepts applications on a continuous basis. However, for BCBA and BCaBA exams, there are on-time submission deadlines for each exam administration window. Documents must be received by the BACB office by 4PM Mountain Time in order to be considered on-time. Application deadlines and late fees are assessed based upon the date the application is COMPLETE (documents and payment received in our office). The BACB will continue to process documentation after these deadlines; however, if a late fee is not included, approval will be issued for the following exam window. Retake applications are subject to the same deadlines and late fees as original exam applications. BACB fees are non-refundable. Late application fees are available to allow candidates to apply and receive a review of their application after the on-time deadline for an administration has passed. Documents received after an application deadline without the late fee will be processed as an application for the following exam window. RBT exams are available on an ongoing basis. Therefore, those applications are not subject to deadlines or late fees. Please allow about two weeks for review of an application from the date all of the application documents are received. However, please note that the BACB cannot guarantee that an application will be reviewed by a specific date. All applicants are subject to the requirements in place at the time they apply, regardless of when their training occurred.

Information About the Grace Period for the 2016 BCBA-Level Degree Requirement Change

Exam Authorizations

When an application is approved, the applicant will be authorized to sit for the exam one time. That authorization, and the approval of eligibility, is valid for two years for BCBA and BCaBA exams and one year for RBT exams. If an applicant takes the exam and does not pass during that time-frame, he or she may retake the exam but his or her eligibility will not be reassessed. A retake application is required for BCBA and BCaBA exams. RBT exam retakes are sent to candidates approximately one week after a failed result is received; no retake application is required. After the eligibility expires, applicants must reestablish their eligibility by reapplying under the then-current standards in order to continue taking the exam. Only one exam authorization at a time is permitted. If an applicant wishes to change to a different exam type, he or she should contact us for guidance. BACB exams are administered by Pearson VUE. BCBA and BCaBA exams are administered during four, month-long testing administration windows. RBT exams are administered on an ongoing basis. Applicants choose the exact date, time, and location for their exam based upon the appointments available at the time an appointment is scheduled. Appointments are available on a “first-come, first-served” basis. The BACB cannot guarantee appointment availability. Availability may be limited for those who submit late applications. The sooner an applicant submits their application and schedules their appointment, the better the chances will be that he or she will obtain an appointment that meets his or her preferences. Information about testing site locations can be found on Pearson VUE’s website.

Active Duty/Reserves Status Policy

Any individual called to active military duty in the United States armed forces may apply for a temporary reservation of their certification status or eligibility to cover the period during which they are called to active military duty (not to exceed two [2] years). Certificants called to active duty who wish to request reserve status will be prohibited from representing that they are BACB certified (or supervising experience designed to comply with BACB standards) until reinstatement of their certification.

Upon being called to active duty, the individual shall notify the BACB and provide a copy of their official call up notice. The BACB will place the individual on reserve status during the active duty period. Following completion of their active duty, or two (2) years, whichever is earlier, the individual must contact the BACB to update their certification status. When the individual becomes active again, the certification cycle or eligibility window will resume.