Current Application Processing Timelines (updated June 22, 2017)

The BACB processes applications in the order in which they are received. The following dates reflect the date of applications received that we are currently processing. Please allow 14 business days from the date we received your materials for processing.

Paper Applications: If you mailed or shipped documents for any type of application, including exam applications, we are currently processing materials received on June 20.

RBT Exam Applications: If you submitted an RBT Exam application, we are currently processing materials received on June 20.

RBT Renewal Applications: If you submitted an application to renew your RBT credential, we are currently processing materials received on June 20.

System Errors or Notifications

May Examination Results. May examination results are processing. If you took the exam, check your Gateway for your result. Please keep in mind that it takes some time for everything to process, and that a high volume of people will be accessing the Gateway at the same time. We appreciate your patience.

“You have not entered sufficient coursework to meet the requirements” message. Users who are entering coursework into BCBA and BCaBA exam applications are receiving this message frequently. Please disregard the message and continue through the application and payment process. We will make determinations based on the transcripts you submit, regardless of whether the online application indicates an error.

CEU Calculator. Users have reported miscalculations in the CEU management section of their accounts. We are working to resolve this issue. In the interim, please continue entering your CEUs into the system, but also manually keeping track of your own hours.

Password Reset. When attempting to reset your password, be sure to set email addresses from as “safe senders” in your email account or check your spam folder for the re-sent email.

Links to Frequently Accessed Resources

RBT Requirements

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Name Change Requests: Name change requests must be submitted and can be done through your Gateway account.


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BCaBAs looking to become BCBAs
New BCaBA Supervision Requirements: Supervisors may list the BCaBA(s) under their supervision via their Gateway account.
Maintaining BCaBA Certification


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Maintaining BCBA Certification
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