Information about BCBA and BCaBA Exam Results

Notification Information:

Candidates will be notified of their results within 45 days of the last day of the administration window, via their online Certificant Gateway accounts.
Exam Administration Dates

Scoring Information:

Every BACB exam undergoes psychometric statistical equating to assure that scores on different exam forms are adjusted for differing levels of difficulty. Therefore, the actual number of correctly answered items required to pass each exam form may vary depending on the level of difficulty of that exam form. Thus, because the passing score may vary from one exam form to another, passing candidates receive only notice that they have passed the exam and no score is provided. Candidates who do not pass the exam are provided with percentages of correctly answered items and total number of items in primary content areas.

Exam content may not be appealed.

Administration Data:

The number of candidates for the exam, the number who passed, and the percentage that passed is publicly available below. Other exam-related statistical information will not be available.

Past BCBA Exam Administration Results
Past BCaBA Exam Administration Results