The “BACB Terms and Conditions” for taking the exam must be agreed to prior to commencing the exam. Failure to agree to the Terms and Conditions will result in dismissal from the exam. Note that the time you spend reviewing these Terms and Conditions is part of your exam time.

The Terms and Conditions are as follows:

Proctors are not allowed to provide comments on any of the questions appearing on the exam. If there is a problem with a question, such as a typo, select the “comments” button and make a note concerning the problem. Comments are not graded and do not affect individual scores, although they may be used during post-exam review. The BACB will not provide feedback to you regarding your comments. You will not be given extra time to make up for the time lost while providing comments.

If you need to use the restroom, raise your hand to inform the proctor. The proctor will secure your workstation while you go to the restroom. You will not be given extra time to make up for the time lost. DO NOT leave your seat at any time unless the proctor has secured your workstation.

All questions on this exam are equally weighted. There is no penalty for guessing, therefore, it is to your advantage to answer every question on the exam even if you are not sure about the correct answer. No credit will be given for questions which are left blank. When answering questions, choose the BEST answer to each question.

No materials, documents, notes, or memoranda of any sort are to be taken from the exam area. YOU ARE PERMANENTLY PROHIBITED FROM EVER DISCLOSING THE CONTENT OF BACB EXAM QUESTIONS. This prohibition includes verbal, written, and/or electronic (e.g., email, chat room, or other internet or electronic) disclosure. The BACB exams and individual questions are copyright protected and highly confidential trade secrets. Any disclosure or reconstruction of test questions and content shall be a violation of BACB rules and subject to damages including, but not limited to, the cost of replacing the compromised question(s) and reconstruction of the exam, if advisable, at the discretion of the BACB.

Proctors are authorized to maintain a secure and proper exam administration. You may not communicate with other examinees during the exam. The BACB considers unauthorized sharing of exam content with others to be a violation of the copyright and to constitute cheating. Cheating or permitting cheating (such as letting someone copy your answers or providing information on the content of exam questions to others), will be cause for automatic disqualification and dismissal from the exam. Any irregular, disruptive, inappropriate or suspected cheating behavior by you may result in your relocation or removal from the exam site and/or a refusal to release your exam scores. In such event, your exam fees will not be refunded or deferred.

ANY use of a cell phone or electronic device while an exam is in progress (including usage during a break) is grounds for denial of reentry to the exam room and will result in your exam scores being withheld and/or invalidated. All items brought into the exam center, including, but not limited to: cell phones, electronic devices, bags, purses, briefcases, jewelry, and items worn by the candidate may be searched at the discretion of the exam proctor and/or testing administrator.

Any item brought to the exam site that is prohibited by this policy or suspected of being used to record, copy, relay, or provide answers to the exam questions may be subject to inspection and confiscation for purposes of evaluating the infraction for potential disclosure of the BACB’s secure exam content, and/or investigation of other exam irregularity, such as, cheating. Refusal to cooperate with inspection or confiscation will be grounds for disciplinary action by the BACB.