Procedures to Reactivate During Expired – Reinstatement Period

BCBA-Ds, BCBAs, and BCaBAs who have failed to renew, recertify, or apply for reactivation (inactive certificants) will have 90 days in which to reinstate their credentials. RBTs who have failed to renew will have 30 days in which to reinstate their credentials. After these grace periods, an individual will lose their credential and must reapply under the then-existing standards.

Failure to Renew (all credential-holders)

  • Fulfillment of all renewal requirements
  • Payment of renewal and late fees

Failure to Recertify (BCBAs, BCBA-Ds, and BCaBAs only)

  • Fulfillment of all recertification requirements (CE must have been acquired prior to expiration date)
  • Payment of recertification and late fees

Failure to Transition from Inactive Status to Active Status (BCBAs, BCBA-Ds, and BCaBAs only)

  • Submission of a reactivation application
  • Payment of reactivation and late fees
  • For voluntary-inactive periods of more than 2 years, the certificant must provide proof of 8 CEUs in the 12-month period prior to reactivation