Reporting and Updating of Information

In accordance with the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts (Compliance Code), particularly 10.02 of the Code, BACB applicants and credential-holders must keep the BACB up-to-date with information that might influence their status, credential, or that could impact the BACB’s communication with them.

What Must Be Reported

Within thirty (30) days, behavior analysts must report the following to the BACB:

  1. Any violation of the Compliance Code or disciplinary investigation, action, or sanction, filing of charges, conviction or plea of guilty or nolo contendre (“no contest”) to charges by a governmental agency, health care organization, third-party payor, or educational institution.
  2. Any public health- and safety-related fines or tickets where the behavior analyst is named on the ticket;
  3. A physical or mental condition that would impair the behavior analyst’s ability to competently practice; and
  4. A change of name, address or email contact.

If you are unsure whether you are required to report an incident or issue, feel free to contact the BACB legal staff for guidance. For instance, BACB legal staff may provide guidance on whether an employment-based determination or investigation would be considered “disciplinary” in nature.

How to Report

Disciplinary issues, investigations, tickets, impairments (a-c above):

Send pertinent information to the BACB via the form on our Contact Us page or mail to the attention of the BACB Legal Department.

  • Notifications must be sent using a verifiable method of delivery.
  • Email notices are only valid when the sender receives a (nonautomatic) confirmation email or acknowledgment from the BACB.

Change of name, address or email contact (d above):

Change contact information in your Gateway account.